Sunday, May 18, 2014

Behold The 2014 Summer Classic Film Series!

It's that magical time of year, folks. Movie goers young and old look forward to the local tradition at Austin's classiest movie palace. It's time for the 2014 Summer Classic Film Series! Feast your eyeballs upon these gems from the cinematic treasure chest!


Opening Night! (Paramount)

Hollywood’s Golden Year: A 75th Anniversary Tribute to 1939
WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Paramount) Sat @ 4pm, Sun @ 4:35pm
THE WOMEN (Paramount) Sat @ 6:05pm, Sun @ 2pm
DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 9:15pm
GOODBYE MR. CHIPS (Paramount) Tues @ 8:55pm, Wed @ 7pm
DARK VICTORY (Paramount) Thurs @ 7pm
OF MICE AND MEN (Paramount) Thurs @ 9:05pm

Sing Along!
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Paramount) Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 2pm, Sun @ 6pm Special Engagements - No Passes or Flix-tix


The 1940s: The Great Depression - (Paramount100) 
THE GRAPES OF WRATH (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 8:50pm
SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (Paramount) Tues @ 9:30pm, Wed @ 7pm

Discoveries from the TCM Classic Film Festival
BACHELOR MOTHER (Paramount) Sat @ 4pm, Sun @ 3:50pm
THE GREAT GATSBY (Paramount) Sat @ 5:45pm, Sun @ 2pm

The 1940s: Getting to Know You - (Paramount100) 
THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 9:20pm
ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (Paramount) Tues @ 9pm, Wed @ 7pm

Hughes and Candy
Two of the funniest Johns ever, working together.
UNCLE BUCK (Paramount) Thurs @ 7pm, Fri @ 9:45pm
PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES (Paramount) Thurs @ 9pm, Fri @ 7pm

And working with the late Harold Ramis.
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION (Stateside) Thurs @ 7:15pm, Fri @ 9:25pm
STRIPES (Stateside) Thurs @ 9:15, Fri @ 7:15pm

Father's Day Weekend with James Bond
Connery, The original.
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (Paramount) Sat @ 4pm, Sun @ 4:15pm
GOLDFINGER (Paramount) Sat @ 6:15pm, Sun @ 2pm

The Non-Connery
GOLDENEYE (Stateside) Sun @ 2:15pm
THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (Stateside) Sun @ 4:45pm

A Documentary Double Feature
SALESMAN (Stateside) Mon @ 7:15pm, Tues @ 9:05pm
THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK (Stateside) Mon @ 9pm, Tues @ 7:15pm

Guys and Dolls and Annie and Jesus
SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 9:50pm
GUYS AND DOLLS (Paramount) Wed @ 9:05pm, Thurs @ 7pm
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Stateside) Wed @ 7:15pm, Thurs @ 9:45pm
ANNIE (Stateside) Wed @ 9:25pm, Thurs 7:15pm

An Offer You Can’t Refuse
THE GODFATHER (Stateside) Sun @ 3pm
THE GODFATHER PART II (Stateside) Sun @ 7pm

Orson Welles, Renaissance Man – (Paramount100)
The 1940s: Landmarks
CITIZEN KANE (Paramount) Mon @ 7pm, Tues @ 9:05pm
THE THIRD MAN (Paramount) Mon @ 9:20pm, Tues @ 7pm

Bonus Welles
MACBETH (Stateside) Mon @ 7:15pm, Tues @ 9:30pm
TOUCH OF EVIL (Stateside) Mon @ 9:25pm, Tues @ 7:15pm

Heroes of Old 
SUPERMAN (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 9:25pm
BATMAN (Paramount) Wed @ 9:45pm, Thurs @ 7pm

New York Socialites
ARTHUR (Stateside) Fri @ 7:15pm, Sat @ 6:30pm
THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO (Stateside) Fri @ 9:15pm, Sat @ 4:15pm
BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (Paramount) Sun @ 2pm, Sun @ 6pm Special Engagement - No Passes or Flix-tix

The Staggering Ascent of John Travolta
He's a Dancin' Man And He Just Can't Lose
GREASE (Paramount) Mon @ 7pm, Tues @ 9:20pm
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (Paramount) Mon @ 9:10pm, Tues @ 7pm

Two by De Palma
BLOW OUT (Stateside) Mon @ 7:15pm, Tues @ 9:15pm
CARRIE (Stateside) Mon @ 9:25pm, Tues @ 7:15pm


The 1940s: Yankee Pride
Celebrate Independence Day with tributes to two fine Americans.
THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 9:25pm
YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (Paramount) Wed @ 9:30pm, Thurs @ 7pm

The 1940s: Foreign Independence
Portraits of women torn between what society wants for them and what they want for themselves.
BLACK NARCISSUS (Stateside) Wed @ 7:15pm, Thurs @ 9:25pm
LATE SPRING (Stateside) Wed @ 9:15pm, Thurs @ 7:15pm

Irresistible Forces

The Evolution of Elizabeth Taylor
From cherubic child star to electric movie icon.
NATIONAL VELVET (Paramount) Sat @ 4pm, Sun @ 2pm
WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (Paramount) Sat @ 6:30pm, Sun @ 4:30pm

Cabin Fever
Two pairs of women that should have never been roommates
WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (Stateside) Sat @ 4:15pm, Sun @ 4pm
PERSONA (Stateside) Sat @ 6:50pm, Sun @ 2:15pm

The 1940s: Eye Candy (Paramount100)
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (LA BELLE ET LA BETE) (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 9:35pm

THE RED SHOES (Paramount) Tues @ 9pm, Wed @ 7pm

World War I Film Series w/ Harry Ransom Center
Four WWI films to accompany the Ransom Center’s ongoing exhibition, The World at War, 1914-1918.
THE AFRICAN QUEEN (Paramount) Thurs @ 7pm
GALLIPOLI (Paramount) Thurs @ 9:05pm
THE BIG PARADE (Paramount) Fri @ 7pm
LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Paramount) Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 2pm, Sun @ 7pm

The 1940s: Remembering Montgomery Clift - (Paramount100)
Because Brando and Dean shouldn’t get all the credit for bringing moody sensitivity to the screen.
RED RIVER (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 9:15pm
THE HEIRESS (Paramount) Tues @ 9:35pm, Wed @ 7pm

The New Frontier of the Sixties
This is what the Wild West looked like 50 years ago.

The Movies with Big Names
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (Stateside) Thurs @ 7:15pm, Fri @ 9:40pm
THE MISFITS (Stateside) Thurs @ 9:45pm, Fri @ 7:15pm

The Man with No Name
Sergio Leone’s famous Dollars Trilogy led Clint Eastwood to international stardom.
A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (Paramount) Fri @ 7pm
FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (Paramount) Fri @ 9pm
THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (Stateside) Mon @ 7:15pm, Tues @ 7:15pm

An Evening with Robert Osborne
Film TBA.  Sun @ 7pm Special Engagement, No Passes or Flix-Tix

The 1940s: Noir-ish – (Paramount100)
MILDRED PIERCE (Paramount) Mon @ 7pm, Tues @ 8:35pm
CAT PEOPLE (Paramount) Mon @ 9:15pm, Tues @ 7pm

Streisand exercises all of her multi-talents in these two cultural touchstones.
THE WAY WE WERE (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 9:55pm
FUNNY GIRL (Paramount) Wed @ 9:15pm, Thurs @ 7pm

Iron and Wine Presents:
Hosted by Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) – Free small popcorn!
GEORGE WASHINGTON (Paramount) Fri @ 7pm

1989: 25 Years Later

Daddy Issues
Dads will stay awake for these two movies, no matter how cushy the recliner.
PARENTHOOD (Paramount) Sun @ 2pm, Mon @ 9:10pm
FIELD OF DREAMS (Paramount) Sun @ 4:25pm, Mon @ 7pm

No Budget? No Problem
When small films started to make big splashes.
DO THE RIGHT THING (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 8:50pm
ROGER AND ME (Paramount) Tues @ 9:20pm, Wed @ 7pm

Just for Kicks
Because Marty’s future shoes and Swayze’s karate feet are only the tips of these outrageous icebergs.
BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (Paramount) Thurs @ 7pm,  Fri @ 9:15pm
ROAD HOUSE (Paramount) Thurs @ 9:10pm, Fri @ 7pm

Two Thumbs Up: Ebert’s Picks – Thurs-Fri, July 31-Aug 1
CRUMB (Stateside) Thurs @ 7:15pm, Fri @ 9:15pm
DARK CITY (Stateside) Thurs @ 9:35pm, Fri @ 7:15pm


The 1940s: Rounding Up the Usual Suspects – (Paramount100)
CASABLANCA (Paramount) Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 4:15pm
THE PHILADELPHIA STORY (Paramount) Sat @ 9pm, Sun @ 2pm

The 1950s: A Lifetime of Bumpy Nights – (Paramount100)
ALL ABOUT EVE (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 9:20pm
THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Paramount) Wed @ 9:40pm, Thurs @ 7pm

A Weekend with The Little Tramp
Two of Charlie Chaplin’s most beloved comedies.
THE GREAT DICTATOR (Paramount) Sat @ 2pm, Sat @ 6:05pm, Sun @ 3:45pm
MODERN TIMES (Paramount) Sat @ 4:25pm, Sun @ 2pm, Sun @ 6:05pm

The 1950s: Brando – (Paramount100)
When it comes to screen acting, there’s really just pre-Brando and post-Brando.
A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 9:10pm
ON THE WATERFRONT (Paramount) Tues @ 9:25pm, Wed @ 7pm

Hitchcock Week
We’re playing the hits, and a few of the B-sides, too.
REBECCA (Stateside) Tues @ 7:15pm, Wed @ 9:15pm
NOTORIOUS (Stateside) Tues @ 9:45pm, Wed @ 7:15pm
PSYCHO (Paramount) Thurs @ 7pm, Fri @ 9:30pm
VERTIGO (Paramount) Thurs @ 9:10pm, Fri @ 7pm
ROPE (Stateside) Thurs @ 7:15pm,  Fri @ 9:15pm
THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (Stateside) Thurs @ 8:55pm,  Fri @ 7:15pm
NORTH BY NORTHWEST (Paramount) Sat @ 2pm, Sat @ 6:50pm, Sun @ 4:20pm
THE BIRDS (Paramount) Sat @ 4:35pm, Sun @ 2pm, Sun @ 6:50pm
FRENZY (Stateside) Sat @ 2:15pm, Sun @ 4:35pm
FAMILY PLOT (Stateside) Sat @ 4:30pm, Sun @ 2:15pm

The 1950s: From Every Angle – (Paramount100)

Sci-Fi Classics
Bizarre happenings in small-town America and the distant beyond.
INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (Stateside) Tues @ 7:15pm, Wed @ 9:15pm
FORBIDDEN PLANET (Stateside) Tues @ 8:55pm, Wed @ 7:15pm

Tales from Japan
Two poignant stories of ordinary people searching for meaning and happiness.
TOKYO STORY (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 9:35pm
IKIRU (Paramount) Wed @ 9:30pm, Thurs @ 7pm

Portraits of Stoicism
Two men with violent pasts struggle to lead peaceful lives in an angry world.
HIGH NOON (Stateside) Thurs @ 7:15pm, Fri @ 9:55pm
THE QUIET MAN (Stateside) Thurs @ 9pm, Fri @ 7:15pm

Fights and Flirtations
These couples get off on the wrong foot, but anyone can see they’re falling in love.
BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE (Paramount) Sat @ 4pm, Sun @ 4:15pm
AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (Paramount) Sat @ 6pm, Sun @ 2pm

70MM Week!!
Because the big screen deserves BIG films.
IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (Paramount) Tues @ 7pm, Wed @ 7pm
SPARTACUS (Paramount) Thurs @ 7pm, Fri @ 7pm
INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (Paramount) Sat @ 4:30pm, Sat @ 7:15pm, Sun @ 2pm


The 1950s: Programmer’s Picks – (Paramount100)
ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS (Paramount) Wed @ 7pm, Thurs @ 8:50pm
THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (Paramount) Wed @ 8:50pm, Thurs @ 7pm

The 1950s: An Epic Finale!! – (Paramount100)
GIANT (Paramount) Sat @ 7pm, Sun @ 2pm, Sun @ 6pm

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