Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Film # 27 & 28: A Western Double Feature (Jun 29th)

The Searchers
1956, 119 min.
Directed by John Ford

1953, 118 min.
Directed by George Stevens

Yuck. I'm normally a fan of rain, but today's downpour left a lingering humidity in the air. It was feeling mighty tropical out there, and I was ready for some escape.

Entering the theatre was like an respite from the humid Amazon-like atmosphere. Luckily, there was a special event today that would further remove me from the yucky summer afternoon. "The Spoiled Doves of Texas" were there to set the mood. Saloon gals, cowboys, and riverboat-style gamblers were awaiting. I gotta admit, it was pretty darned exciting. Like a beam of sunlight through the clouds, they made me forget all about the rainy day.

Full writeup of the films is a work in progress...
Check back soon for the complete blog entry!

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