Friday, July 9, 2010

Films # 35 & 36: Unions! Double Feature (Jul 8th)

Norma Rae
1979, 110 min.
Directed by Martin Ritt

1983, min.
Directed by Mike Nichols

Rain! It came down in sheets on Thursday, and wrecked havoc on my plans that day. A necessary trip to San Marcos turned into a very difficult task because the sky decided I should drive through nature's own Schlitterbahn. Needless to say, visibility was poor and it did not make for a fun day. By the time the evening came around, I was ready for some movies. A full head of steam had risen up because of San Marcos' careless and dangerous motorists, daredevil jaywalkers, and the general miserable experience that results from a trip to the Outlets. I saw that tonight's theme was a "Damn The Man" brand of anti-establishment, and I relished the opportunity to see people fight the power.

It was a wet trek from my parked car to The Paramount, but I leisurely strolled with my umbrella over my head. There was something cathartic about walking in the rain. It washed away the angst and frustration of a long day. Dare I say it was joyous? Well, it certainly wasn't sad, as that Del Shannon song would suggest...

Full writeup of the films is a work in progress...
Check back soon for the complete blog entry!

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