Monday, July 12, 2010

Films # 38 & 39: Laurence Olivier Double Feature (Jul 11th)

Wuthering Heights
1939, 104 min.
Directed by William Wyler

1940, 130 min.
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Revitalized after Auntie Mame, I was eager to watch more. A triple feature? Heck, I felt I could watch movies well into the night now. Of course, neither of the two following films were going to be remotely as light as Mame. This later double feature consisted of two "haunted romance" movies featuring Laurence Olivier. Haunted romance, huh? Color me curious. I was familiar with both, and had seen most of them also. When I had originally seen Wuthering Heights during my high school days, it was simply "a book I had to read," so my enthusiasm was really lacking. I retained very little of the experience. As for Rebecca, I had seen probably during my early junior high years, but don't recall if I had ever completed it. Oh well, today's the day to finally see both!

Wuthering Heights is a period piece, a Gothic romance that is dark, moody and alluring. Based on the classic novel by Emily Bronte, it is a story about the unrequited love between a wishy-washy gal and a guy with a huge chip on his shoulder. These types of characters do not make for a happy kind of love. With all apologies to Lady Gaga, this is a bad romance...

Full writeup of the films is a work in progress...
Check back soon for the complete blog entry!

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